And I am going to have fun every day, because there is no other way to play.

She was the heart of the clan, the favourite amongst all the wildflowers. She brought them all together and kept them as a unit across miles. She knew all their secrets and had the greatest stories.

She loved short unplanned naps accompanying her books. Always ready with a warm hug and anyone who approached her was greeted with a charming smile. . She asked for your good company and nothing else at all!
Straightforward but polite, strong but always looking for love, never letting away a laugh, always with a bright smile. She was a wondrous soul always looking for the finer meaning to life.

There was a part of her that never wanted to grow up and she was ok with it. While many others were sore with the blinding rains, she looked out of the window and weaved words in her brilliant mind. While many others partied in colourful bliss, she got together with her pals over long breezy silent walks in their warmth.

Her eyes were unmistakably loud. She spoke a million words without saying anything at all. Her careless postures meant nothing. But she lived her life watching people define movements- through their eyes. She was shy but so what.
The shy ones were the best ones, they were the wildest ones!

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Reader’s thoughts…

Reading Doris Lessing is like a part of my consciousness.
One of my very favourite authors.
How many of us remember doing this, round and round the mullberry bush, in a puddle, in the dust, on the street, cold stiff hands or sweaty palms, depending on the season, laughter the only reason.

Have you ever absolutely loved a writer? I have.

Like, if I meet them personally I will give them a big hug and ask for a picture , I would like to say thank you for all their inspiring posts , all of it that gives me confidence and positive vibes that sometimes it’s okay not to be okay 🙂

Most of the time, the posts perfectly reflect what I truly feel inside. It always feels as if I authored the words even though I clearly didn’t. 😅
I absolutely love those works. Its like reading about my personal feelings and my life everyday through them. The comfort it brings, when I know, that so many people out there– feel or have felt the same. If we could meet that would be serendipitous indeed !

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