Why I choose kindness as a remedy to almost all my problems.

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Do you ever feel so absolutely disinclined to do things?

Like it ain’t even postponement or laziness anymore, you just physically and mentally can’t bring yourself to do anything. It is like I really, really just wish to binge watch Discovery Plus, my favourite channel, until my mind numbs completely or lie on the bed and stare into the abyss.

And it’s not like I don’t have “motivation” or anything or even that I don’t want to do it, it’s just..I can’t. I don’t know, how people just do things randomly, get up and go at it. I have to have an entire existential crisis and like, read a goddamn motivational passage or something first before I do the smallest thing on a particularly difficult day and it’s June for God’s sake. ..and not much of monsoon to help ease the heat.

And just at times as these, sometimes I am immovably sunken. I just want someone to be kind and ask me how Iam doing and genuinely. It feels so good to be kind. We are all, rowing our heavy bars through the tough waters. We all hesitate.

But we are hopelessly looking for kind souls. It’s the warm feeling you get when someone tells me that I look nice today, or that I did a good job, or that my voice sounds lovely, or that the dinner I put together was delicious, or how I always laugh at their jokes.

It’s the warm feeling you get when they respond bashfully, or surprised, with that small smile and a thankfulness that shines in their eyes. It feels so good when someone is kind to you.

When it feels like the effort you put into the world is seen and acknowledged and appreciated. It feels so good when you’re able to make someone feel that wonderful.
It is certainly one of the best ways to build connections, if only for those few minutes that you’re in conversation with the other person.
All I want to do sometimes, on these days, is to put one foot in front of the other and be grateful.

I love the contagious nature of kindness. Have you noticed ..when someone goes out of their way to show kindness just because, it spurs others to do the same. I like simple things.

1. Giving them attention. Intentional eye contact and an inviting smile are my favourite ways to be nice. Everyone likes that.
2. Check on your neighbours once in a while. If it looks awkward, call them still and let them know that you just wanted to say a hello and ask if everything is going well with them. I have understood through practice that it wins hearts.
3. Smile at the person waiting next to you at the billing area. In most cases, they have similar agenda. They wish to collect their stuff, reach home to family.
4. Ask about someone’s pet as you meet them on your way. Ask how do they call them and say a kind word. It wins hearts.
5. Many an exhausted parent struggle when their toddler throws a wild tantrum in public space. I am a mother. I know it is a tricky situation. If you find someone in that situation, look at them with a smile and wink at them. Let them know it’s perfectly normal.
6. Say thank-you to the parking meter guy. He will be proud of his job.
7. Wish friends and acquaintances on their birthdays and send specially emoji-ed messages. It makes them happy. They will be find you attractive.

Good things happen tobhood people is a universal saying. In my modified personal note, I would say good vibes make you incredibly attractive.

Let’s make love!

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Hey weather..you make me smile!

This is my weather. The charm of monsoons gets to me with apparent ease. If it were not for my shy demeanour, I could do a rain dance like the carefree and joyous Geet from the movie Jab we met!

I love the rain…the smell of the wet streets and the sight of dripping leaves… the sound of the raindrops splashing on my windows and balcony… the fogginess and wetness in the air. I love the overwhelming darkness of the sky. People may often not enjoy such weather. You see a different side of people. You see a different side of the world. Gloom, joy, happiness, worry, fears, troubles. The rains bring all alive. What’s not to love?

For some, it is a strong love affair they have with the rainy season. … From creative writing to penning of songs, from painting to lateral thinking, the rain stirs something soulful within us.

Ever attempted a walk in the rain with your loved one? While at most times, it may appear silly..a walk in the rain has innocence, romance, adventure, excitement.. all rolled into a single inexplicable emotion.

There’s something gratifying about walking through the rain without anything as a barrier between you and the falling heavens.
I dont mean the unending pattern of severe lash that floods the balcony, , but typical showers that occur at unexpected times that give me a whiff of that deep earrh smell. While yes, I look for ways to be involved and feel good about myself and my life even during incessant weather.

For some, there is a natural tendency to wish the rain would cease so life can get back to normal, yet there’s an assuring relief in the realization that everybody is in the same situation of having to deal with the weather. That’s comforting knowing that most are experiencing the “what-do-I-do-now” dilemma.

On the side shelf, there is always a book I’m either in the process of reading or looking forward to get started on. The tough part is finding an hour or so to immerse myself in reading. Either too much to do, sometimes honestly nothing left to do but extreme laziness to look away from stress causing inaction and then after all the day has passed..can’t keep my eyes open long enough at night to make much headway. Today i spent some time with my younger one, loading his truck with little cars and shooting them off the ramp to set blaze the creative race track. I generally feel more creative afterward.

With all the chaos that a rainy day can bring, a constant patter of rain serves to remind one to take a break, to stop the whirlwind of activity everyone is sometimes prone to.

Just another season…sometimes overwhelming but also its own kind of beautiful!

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