My Walking Thoughts

With my journal, My Walking Thoughts

Like all things in fitness, meditation takes practice. Mediation requires a lot of trial and error—not every session is going to be a big success.
I like to think of meditating the same way I think about exercise.

Just like I don’t love all forms of exercise (I’ll never be a runner, but I love to do yoga), I realized what works for some people won’t necessarily be what works for me.

Meditating was hard at first but then I remembered meeting Hemi Baik from Mumbai Meditation, few years ago. Due to personal commitments and various other distractions in life, I lost touch.
After much time, it clicked again about a month ago.
I have been introduced to this lovely form of meditation where I indeed felt a deep sense of acceptance. I want to believe that it reduces anxiety and panic attacks.
Once I had a taste of that moment, it made it easier to return to the cushion knowing I could reach that point again.
And again and again.

There is another thing I started doing simultaneously.
I began to keep a Meditation Journal. My everyday thoughts during guided meditation. The lectures Hemi took me through. And the conversations we had between the thought flows. Just start writing what you remember the most clearly.   Once you start writing and reflecting on your meditation session, more thoughts may come to mind. Keep them involved and discard as they engage with your mind.

I am glad I came this far. It has been twenty days since I started and this is my experience so far.

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