A loving note to my yoga teachers!


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Has yoga changed anything in my life? It’s pretty likely, since just about everyone who practices yoga has been touched in some way by its transformative power. In my case it has been half a year now and to be very honest, maybe I simply feel better in my body.

I have woken up to leg and back pain so intense that I could barely move with agility. I had been struggling with it for months, trying to contain it with wishful thinking but this was different.

I joined a hatha yoga program which has been the best gift I have given myself. Thrice a week and one of the reasons I stuck to the program was my lovely teacher who kept my attention and intention alive with her simple and clear methods. I never felt out of place even though I may have been the least flexible in the hatha classes.

Sometimes it is about your focus. What am I focused upon. It was clearly about leaving the physical pain behind. And once that was achieved, I looked forward to losing weight and how. That was the reason hereafter, the intense exercise I have enrolled into this month.

How has this intense yoga practice helped me-

1. I learned how to do many yoga poses unassisted—twists, passive backbends, even modified Sun Salutations.

2.My attachment to my practice has changed. Now I also do simple Yoga in my playtime with kids or those back bends, when I steal a quick alone time in my room, simply because  it gives me a high. I stretch to reach corners and each time is a confidence booster.

3.My yoga practice has helped me realize that every day is going to be different. My world isn’t the same as it was a year ago, and I’m not the same. I’m grateful every day for my husband and my children and how at home we all look at yoga with admiration and respect.

4. Sometimes it may be hard to pinpoint exactly what it is about yoga that helps you to live a better life. It helped me shift my understanding I’ve developed over time, the obviously unhealthy habits, foods that aren’t suitable. The awareness is better and now I have better self control with food. While I still have a long way to go with strict adherence.

5. When you put your body into a pose that is foreign to you and you stick with it, you learn how to pose in a different shape.
My size made the poses difficult and sometimes painful, Each time I did, I got more flexible and wowed myself with what I could actually do if I breathed and tried. I found my self-confidence increasing.

6. I have naturally learnt to keep my spine straight. Hunching doesn’t come to me anymore. My family has caught me often (and so may perhaps friends, now that they read this) rolling my shoulders around and back to fix my spine and straighten up on the chair. In fact I walk around the house or check out myself in the mirror with the right posture. Goodness, that matters and how.

7. I am unable to do most poses with absolute grace like most of my counterparts do and I  have told myself to start with where I am and with what I’ve got. I know that I will have to be patient and I am getting healthier each day.

8. I now know that Surya namaskaras are a cardio program like none other.

This is a loving note to my yoga teachers at #shammisyogalaya! I look forward to many more yoga sessions with you, to lining up my mat, listening to your instructions, specifically your anatomical explanations. This idea of order feels reassuring.

Getting into my yoga workout mode is the coolest part of me these days, believe me!!!!


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