Escape Artist

If you don’t want to be ‘somewhere’, just go home. It makes me feel useful. If I have to attend a social gathering I usually sit in a chair in the corner of the room and talk to just one person at a time.

Doing this results in longer conversations with fewer people, which drains me much less than attempting small talk with many people.

This really helps.

Or, I hang out with an extrovert and let him do the talking. I have a collection of extroverts I can call upon.

Or, I find a dog to play with.

I procrastinate in the bathroom for a while or step outside to catch my breath. This helps a lot and is the reason why I love balconies. Sometimes out in a balcony I meet another introvert and hold a conversation that feels real.

We look through the maze of activity and together witness the party unfold.

Or, I ask if I can help: I pick up dishes or arrange things in the kitchen so I don’t have to make conversation.

Reading spells…

Why read the book? When you can just watch the movie. I have a little view in this.
When you pick up a book, there is a commitment you make to it, a promise to not give up midway at chapters perhaps not so interesting, while reaching the end and watching the story unfold at every word. While watching a movie, all you have to do is sit in your seat and take in what the screen shows you.
But, reading a book is so different from this. When your read a book, you are creating the world and characters described by the author using your own imagination. So, in a way, the story becomes a personal experience that you see from the character’s point of view. You are the screen stylist in this case. You feel yourself walking through the places in the book, feeling the emotions of the characters. This is something that can be experienced through very few other mediums.

People who enjoy reading, like watching and observing the world that the author has created. It may be in variance with our regular life process and thought streams and may not be understood all the time, but it can be always interpreted. The most amazing part is the permission granted to enter another person’s imagination, meet the unknown, sometimes unexpected, feel a feeling and get drenched in its newness and freshness.
To me, at times, to be able to take a dive into an intimate and exclusive territory with books-
that is the most amazing thing in the world.

Writing Moods

I have only two writing moods:

1. There’s 2k words down; I can fit another thousand before dinner!

2. I have 300 words left before I hit my minimum count goal and I would rather physically bury myself into the ground and die a dreadful suffocating death than write another sentence.

Like any skill, that ability takes a while to work towards, and some days it will always be hard to write, but the longer you do it and the more you’re able to let go of your inner editor, the better writing days you’ll have.