Bliss, beauty and vibes

All the time.

I have my own world to submerge my own unique essence into. Without the opinions of the world. There are moments I put myself out there to learn new things and see life through a new lens.
It’s okay to have an introverted personality. Find productive hobbies (ex: painting, gym, dance, book clubs, travel, ect.), and people who also enjoy them. Also, if you’re doing something with your time that you’re passionate about, then you may have less time for a social life.
It was always that way for me. After I opened myself to someone, I needed a few minutes to close down again, to restore my sense of privacy.
It is exhausting, all this opening up.
Writing is a way of opening up to the world.
Of course I like people. I have support. Those friends are very kind and they stay.
And when I realized they had secrets too, I was glad. And that’s all anyone’s looking for really, isn’t it? Someone to take care of the mess inside our heads?

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