This year, stay alive and kicking!

Although this year, certainly doesn’t look like what most of us would have expected, there are always things to do, to give ourselves a boost.

Right now, a lot of things have been uncertain, disappointing, and sometimes, even difficult or frightening.

But despite it all there is so much good stuff we can still count on! This is the important thing to remember.

As I cruise through there terrible, sometimes claustrophobic kinda helps to think about the good people I am yet to meet and the good places, I am yet to see in life!

My thoughts are most alive
when my world is warm
the wind is pleasant, the sun shines delicately

through the rustling leaves
the evenings are orange and grey

Ah, the beauty of the city lights at night
my children giving me a goodnight hug
these moments would bring a feeling

I could never describe in as many words
but i when I think about
how life would be without any of it
I would still be grateful
for any temporary moment of a gorgeous life
for as small as they came
they made me stay.

(Thank-you for reading this article!)

My passion is writing. Everything I write about is geared toward things that I deeply cares about—experiences, thoughts, drama, and emotions. A full-time mom to two handsome boys—11 and 4—I built a career around insurance underwriting and later, teaching of English literature and language in high school, before vanishing into full-time mommy responsibilities. I believe that life is not meant to be serious all of the time, and that we should have fun as much as we can. Besides writing, I enjoy watching spy network series and living it up by creating laugh memes with my two lovely young boys!

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