My happy place!

I feel happiest in my skin when Iam next to you.

It’s you. I realize it now. It:s always been you. You’re the one who gives me purpose. It doesn’t matter if I used to spend every day of my life without significant desire, now you make me want to live longer. I want to have more time by your side. On days that were difficult, I wanted to touch your skin with my cold hands so you make it warm.

I still can’t believe I was lucky enough to meet you in this world full of people. And I promise, I will never let you go. I want to make you the happiest person in the universe. I want you to feel butterflies in your stomach when I am around. I want to make you smile and feel like life is beautiful. Just like you made me feel the first time you kissed me. I saw it from the beginning and I realize it more now.

My life has been brilliant, since the first day I looked deeply inside your eyes. It was you then and it’s you now. It’ll always be you.

You know, I do not express my emotions to the world vividly. Life has been both challenging and kind. I have felt happiest in my skin with one or two closest friends of mine. I do want to give thanks to the people I’ve met, and the people who brighten my inner space.

This year I’ve met a lot of fresh people, some in real life as well as just online, that have lifted my spirits and been here for me whenever I’ve felt like shit. This year I started writing, I posted blogs, I am looking at starting a website and while it can be frustrating at times (when my two young boys keep me tirelessly engaged), it’s some of the best fun I’ve had, and thank you to everyone around me, spreading positive vibes, I love you.

There’s a certain group of specific people that have especially been here for me, through everything I’ve been riding on this year, around my impulsiveness and craziness and I couldn’t be more thankful than I already am to have you in my life. Meeting you all, are memories I will keep forever, and I smile when I think of all the fun we had together.

Iam happiest in my skin when, I choose to create things that can make all of yours’ everyday lives special and emotionally richer.

I am speaking about an existence, beautiful… life with you, my dear mate and them, lovely sunshine friends!

(Thankyou for reading the article!)

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