Reader’s thoughts…

Reading Doris Lessing is like a part of my consciousness.
One of my very favourite authors.
How many of us remember doing this, round and round the mullberry bush, in a puddle, in the dust, on the street, cold stiff hands or sweaty palms, depending on the season, laughter the only reason.

Have you ever absolutely loved a writer? I have.

Like, if I meet them personally I will give them a big hug and ask for a picture , I would like to say thank you for all their inspiring posts , all of it that gives me confidence and positive vibes that sometimes it’s okay not to be okay 🙂

Most of the time, the posts perfectly reflect what I truly feel inside. It always feels as if I authored the words even though I clearly didn’t. 😅
I absolutely love those works. Its like reading about my personal feelings and my life everyday through them. The comfort it brings, when I know, that so many people out there– feel or have felt the same. If we could meet that would be serendipitous indeed !

(Thankyou for reading the article!)

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