Life is now!……Nish

Are there times between your work cycle or when you gather yourself for a family lunch… monotonous as they may be since we are mostly at home….. that everything around us, irrespective of the weather off late, is so gloomy. We all feel that way at times.
Often times these days, its the Nostalgia of times you miss so bad locked outside our usual routine. I dwelt on my pre-corona times too long and it tends to make me feel sombre.
There are other things I mechanically engage in, which helps the dark cause effectively.
Humorous as it could be but I refuse to step out of bed before 830 morning because I did so yesterday morning and again the day before.. and it worked just fine. I don’t see why i must fold my sheets a little earlier today.

Life will be the same like it was yesterday.

So does watching too much in the way of dark or gloomy TV-shows (if you don’t mind me saying). 🙂

So does constantly focusing on too many or too few things. Or on discouraging things.

Feelings dont often pass as quickly as they come, sometimes, it can feel like an eternity. And somehow the dubious feelings of gloom have found great affection for me and haven’t left my company in a while.

If bad things happened, that you’re now ‘over’ it’s natural to still feel the lingering disillusion with the whole of reality (that is, to feel disenchanted with life for a time).

Perhaps you feel like too much time is passing by too quickly?

Perhaps, we isolate ourselves and keep so busy that we don’t know how lonely we are… Or we interact with people so much that we don’t realize we can still feel empty and lonely even if we’ve got friends – because there are still key elements to our overall health and happiness that we’re ignoring. Like we’re not playing aloud some music or setting up the balcony for a deliberate drink more than often, in our favourite dress.

I find myself feeling exactly that way, when I’ve only been distracting myself with my unproductive thoughts!

And you know what else makes me feel that way? When I’ve simply forgotten how to think gratefully.

Sometimes the gloom can come, if you are very introverted (it’s cool whether you are or not), shy, or sometimes anxious, it can be hard to get out of your shell – And it’s not necessary to always do that, but it can leave one feeling gloomy when one has been in ‘hermit mode’ for too long.

If you’re anything like me, gloom comes out of spending so much time dwelling in the past or trying to recreate it (or actively avoid recreating it), that you lose sight of the present. That will not make you happy.

Overthinking also tends to create that kind of gloom because then you start feeling entrapped in your own head. Getting out of yourself and looking at other things can help with that. Painting, reading a book – or taking a drive in the safety of your car (aah, corona times) to notice the greenery, can all help. I do this so often..these days and hell yeah, it works.

Sometimes getting so caught up in things that we never look inward can make us feel that way too – journaling, talking to others, or finding YouTubers who have gone through similar feelings and dropping a comment or question, can help channel these feelings.
Iam a super fan of podcasts. I listen to them religiously, each day, for several minutes, sometimes running into hours.

Then again, sometimes we are taking the next steps, and we feel gloomy anyway. No apparent reason.

You say you don’t have these things, but it’s very possible that somewhere along the line you started to sink into something similar like emptiness, loneliness, disillusionment because of a bad experience – big or small/major disappointment with life or chronic insecurity. Squash it down.
I do it when I engage with Mr Stable..he has unbelievable nerves (🙃)..sometimes, i talk to my sister in law ..she’s wonderful …or I chat with my best friend..

Sometimes we won’t figure it out, and we just have to accept that we’re feeling it, and do what it takes to bring ourselves to a healthier mindset.

And sometimes, the gloom’s just telling us we need to make sure we just relax about it. Chill. I keep telling myself, my neighbour and millions of people around are taking the same cycle of life, as I write. And I feel better soon! 🙂 Iam not a very religious person. But I see family and close friends getting strength from prayers. That’s remarkable.

I would go by anything that keeps me happy and alive!
Even if we sometimes, don’t believe in that sort of thing, I hope and pray we all will be blessed and have a great week ahead! 🙂

And I hope we find what we’re looking for, in beautiful packages, as life unfolds the coming months.

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