Engaging the stoic perspective💙

Some of us like the strength that stoic philosophy brings about. The reading materials are insightful and spine building, without doubt.
But living in this practical world, stoicism can be irritating. For example, it can be funny when someone tells me that my desires are futile. And I would cry, if I were to be told that boredom and emptiness must be my daily engagements, to find strength in my person. Ouch.
Buddhism would be a better option as it comes with compassion for others and mind/action control with its Karma concept. It’s soft. Sometimes has romance in it🙃
Some of Stoicism is like common sense but very handy to soothe you if you are having a terrible time all the way in your life.
Stoicism talks about focussing only on what we can control like thoughts and actions.
Stoic philosophy? I’d say yes, it has made me mentally tough — but I still prefer Buddha’s holistic and deep spiritual journey.
Everyone goes through rough patches in life and to my mind, any reading that calms the mind, is terrific support. Why bother about schools of thought.
I particularly like what Nassim Nicholas Taleb says..
Stoicism is about the domestication of emotions, not their elimination.
The link attached is quite interesting too! Hope you find life in it..

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