Guilty on a Sunday!

A Sunday looks beautiful traditionally, when spent buying fresh flowers, having breakfast in bed, a long soak in the bath, curling up on the sofa to read a book, baking a cake, a walk along the river, a yoga class, an afternoon of dancing around your living room to your favourite music…etc.

Its a day to indulge in guilty pleasures. Everybody has them perhaps.I have a handful too.

At the top of my list is to do nothing, while I sit in my balcony and look at the sky. Honestly, I am doing this more often for therapeutic reasons. The sky has supernatural powers. One who does this, certainly already knows it. If I add wine to the mix it’s even better.

I love reading books. Anytime. Passionate love stories and middle east complicated love, in particular- are my favourite.

I don’t know how I built a taste for them. I think I have a handsome collection there.

Those who know me, clearly know that one of my biggest pleasures is have hearty, sometimes honest, philosophical chats…with the couple of closest I have. Iam a different person with them. I thank god for you guys.

I love my blog. It is an outlet for me to share fun things Iam thinking and it makes me happy to share my happy thoughts.

When you have two young children hanging out with friends, almost always, becomes a guilty pleasure. I love the time I get to hang out with friends; whether its for dinner, happy hour, a phone chat, or a stay over.

Sunday for me becomes a difficult day of the week. As some people say, anticipation of what lies ahead can be much worse than the real thing—which, in this case, is the week ahead.

On Saturday, you’re all gung ho about the weekend, but as the hours creep further and further into Sunday, you get a case of what’s been dubbed “the Sunday scaries.”

What do you have going on this coming week? Are you ready? How can you prepare yourself for the five days of work ahead?

Me. I wish to unplug from the internet this week perhaps.. Take a break from scrolling on social media or obsessively typing down my thoughts and enjoy the moment— or one of these other low-tech activities.

I’d love to know what you’re guilty pleasures are. What do you do to survive the stress? The work week? The crabby kids? etc?

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