Why I adore the night….

There is no comfort from the sky like those times when the night is slowly covered in a dark blanket and littered with twinkling stars.
Night is a time of reflection. It’s private liberation…when I can own the world around me…in solitary comfort.

Thoughts, feelings, walks, dreams, love, slowness, time, quiet, books, seasons – all these things, which are not really things, but moments of life – take on a different meaning at night-time, where the moon emerges from the diminishing light of the sun, and we have time to reflect what life is to us, knowing that it passes, and that every bit of it, in its change and its difference, is the here and now of what we have.

Some nights, I remember my stays in my little hometown in kerala. The sky looks dazzling and mostly you are treated to the perfect dance of a million twinkling stars.

To me the night is very deep and the moon is magic. Life is too short to be all daylight. Night is not less; it’s more.

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