Life along the rail tracks!

Haven’t we all, once in our life, travelled in trains.
Besides getting chatty with friends and relatives who come to see us off, watching co- travellers or strangers across platforms…varying anything from people enjoying meals, to beggars asking for alms, exuberant children with exhausted parents ..or the woman in the purple clothes who is exceptionally catchy…surfing the book stall especially magazines, comics or sundry sipping on the irresistible chai from the mobile chaiwalla…we even dont mind catching up on lost sleep where our baggage doubles up as a head rest.

Talking about chai… in the stations of kerala, I particularly have an eye for the seasoned ‘pazham pori’. It’s a delicious evening banana snack.
In all these years, my favourite indulgence on railway platforms is without doubt, brooding, contemplating and ruminating. Thinking deeply about life left unattended..revisiting past events to give them a second chance in my head or the favourite one always… dreaming about what could be.
My favourite thought is ..rail journeys are always about ..going home. It’s nostalgic.

I hope I take more such trips and it brings me most of what I wish for..

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