Write it down and Let it go!

I don’t understand the “motivation” part. When an idea comes to me, I have to grab whatever writing tool I have and start writing it. It can come anytime, anywhere. I could be out walking, when a sentence comes to me, and I’d know it’s something because I’d practically want to write it down. I hope I always have something to write on handy. And it’s just this creative energy from there. I think what usually blocks this kind of creative energy is when I might be more concerned about the technical process, the do’s, the dont’s, or techniques.

Great if Iam in “my favorite place”, but… if imagination and notes strike… I must get ’em down. Paper… Napkin… computer screen… phone–all of it + any of it.

Just get it DONE. 🙂

To be true, on my bed, facing the full length windows overlooking the balcony and the skyline, (whatever is visible from the 21st level) is my usual go to place.
Neverthless, to be honest on most days, I usually sit at my dining room table, so I can keep an eye on everyone.
So how do you never lose a perfect shower line again. Iam still finding out.

The real writer experience is standing in the shower and coming up with the most authentic dialogue with perfect phrasing and raw emotion in your head, then stepping out and drying your hair, putting on some clean pajamas and opening a word document to write down all your perfect ideas only to realize everything has evaporated.

When there’s a lot in my mind it helps me get me thoughts straight and organized. And yes, I love writing in my kitchen. It has a nice big window. I need to see outdoors when writing, might distract me at times but also no one interrupts me there..

What are you waiting for…start now, record your extraordinary life!

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