Stranger in the store.….by Nish

The sound of the bell above the door, broke the calm silence that had taken over the shop, startling you from your peaceful haze. Lifting your gaze from your book, you smiled as you saw a familiar figure entering, desperately ignoring the way your heart fluttered at the sight of them.

They had been visiting your store for almost a year now, at first only coming in every other week to peruse the antiques and oddities. The two of you instantly hit it off however, thanks to your mutual love for the obscure and macabre, and before either of you even realised it, they were coming in almost every day.
In all honesty, they had started to become your favourite part of your day, and seeing them never failed to bring a smile to your face, no matter how short their visit or how dark your mood.

Giggles spilled easily from your lips as they all but skipped over to your counter, the grin on their face telling you that they had a new joke to tell you today. They were always excited when they had something new to show you, be it some bizarre trinket or specimen, or even a morbid joke, the likes of which few, other than they and yourself, found entertaining.

They enjoyed having someone who shared their strange tastes and sense of humour, and you enjoyed the way they’d lit up your life, chasing away the loneliness that had coloured so much of it. When it was just the two of you like this, you almost felt like the world wasn’t such a horrible place, though you’d sworn to yourself that you wouldn’t tell them.
You knew that one day a time would come that they’d leave you behind too, but until that day, you fully intended to relish in the joy and laughter they’d brought into your dreary life.

For that… you would forever be grateful.

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